Filter Press

Plate and frame filter press For sale

As the largest plate and frame filter press manufacturers in the world, we focus on industrial filter press.Jingjin is devoted into providing valuable product and superior services for our user. The applied industry include: chemical industry, dye, fossil oil, ceramics, pharmacy, sugar industry, food industry, starch, maltose, painting, metallurgy ,sludge dewatering and any industry for wastewater treatment.

Common applications include:

  • Mining operations and aggregate
  • sewage treatment & sludge treatment
  • “Ready-mix” concrete washout water recovery
  • Food & beverage production
  • Marble and stone cutting

Machine Technical Advantage

1.The material of Jingjin frame is Q345B, which tensile strength is 1.4 times of Q235, it makes our machine can be operate more safe and stable.

2.The oil cylinder seat, pressing plate and thrust plate are formed by carbon dioxide protection welding.

3.The main beam of Jingjin filter press is designed by adopting welded box construction, and manufactured by making use of submerged arc auto welding technology.

4.All the spare parts that need painted are dealed with high speed centrifugal ball blast descaling and iron scale. After painting MIO epoxy build primer, paint acrylic polyurethane coating directly to make it have the best adhesion. It can save hundreds tons of putty every year, thus not only reduce the cost, but also protect the environment. More important, it improves the adhesion of the paint and antisepsis class of the filter press.

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