Plate and Frame Type Filter Press

  1. The material of the Jingjin frame is Q345B, which makes our machine can be operated more safe and stable.
  2. The oil cylinder seat, pressing plate, and thrust plate are formed by carbon dioxide protection welding.
  3. The main beam of the Jingjin filter press is designed by adopting welded box construction.
  4. All the spare parts that need to be painted are dealt with with high-speed centrifugal ball blast descaling.

Product Description

Plate and Frame Type Filter Press——A Versatile Filtration Solution

The Plate and Frame Type Filter Press is a versatile and widely used filtration system known for its efficiency in separating solids from liquids. At its core, the Plate and Frame Filter Press operates on a simple yet effective principle. It consists of a series of rectangular plates and frames that are stacked together. Each frame holds a filter cloth or filter paper, creating a chamber between the plates.

It is a widely used and efficient filtration device in various industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, and wastewater treatment. The filter press consists of a series of vertical plates and frames arranged alternately. The plates have filter media, typically made of cloth or other porous materials, attached to them. The frames hold the plates together and provide support.


The Plate and Frame Filter Press finds applications in diverse sectors:

  • Wastewater Treatment
    In wastewater treatment plants, it separates solids from sludge, reducing disposal costs and environmental impact.
  • Food and Beverage Industry
    For food processing, it clarifies liquids and extracts solids, ensuring product quality and compliance with hygiene standards.
  • Chemical Industry
    In chemical processes, it filters and separates various chemical compounds, contributing to product purity and quality.

Plate and Frame Type Filter Press


  1. Mild steel construction
  2. Blanchard ground head and tail plate to ensure flatness
  3. Articulating coupling at the tail plate to hydraulic cylinder rod connection
  4. Centre feed with four-corner discharge
  5. Polypropylene recessed filter plates
  6. Polypropylene gasketed filter clothes
  7. Closure: 2-stage automatic air/oil hydraulic pump
  8. Opening: automatic, spring-assisted
  9. Hydraulic pump, pressure gauge, and air blow-down header with valves

Plate and Frame Type Filter Press

Brand strength introduction

  1. Innovation and Technology:
    The Filter Press has efforts to stay competitive and provide advanced filtration solutions. This can include advancements in filter media, automation, energy efficiency, and process optimization.
  2. Quality and Manufacturing:
    Jingjin has established quality control processes and manufacturing standards to ensure the reliability and durability of its filter presses. Their reputation for delivering well-constructed and high-performance filtration equipment contributes to their brand strength.
  3. Global Presence:
    The company has expanded its reach beyond China, establishing a global presence through distribution networks, subsidiaries, or partnerships, which indicates a broader recognition and acceptance of its products on the international stage.
  4. Customer Satisfaction and Support:
    Customer feedback, reviews, and testimonials play a crucial role in establishing brand strength. Brands that prioritize customer satisfaction and offer excellent after-sales support tend to build stronger reputations.
  5. Industry Certifications and Compliance:
    Jingjin Filter Press adheres to industry-specific guidelines and holds certifications for quality, safety, and environmental standards, it adds to its credibility.