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Jingjin Equipment Inc. was founded in 1988. The company is a complex environmental protection service provider of filter outfit production, filter technology overall plan solution and environment protection project contraction and operation. The main products are filter press, filter plate, filter cloth and other accessory equipment of filter press. The area of factory site covers 900,000 square meters, and the workers are 4000, which includes senior engineer 130. Jingjin brand is also protected by Madrid International Trademark Registration.Top filter press manufacturer, factories,suppliers in china

Our Technology

Jingjin is devoted to filter press industry for more than 20 years, and is also the primary drafter of national standards for filter press and filter plates. We have obtained 136 patents so far. 132 of them are in China, and 4 of them are international patents. The filter press’s production capacity and sales volume remain the largest worldwide for twelve consecutive years, and sells to 123 countries and regions. Up to 2016, we have made 9800 orders, and own 1500 long-time, steady customers.

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President Address

Water Jiang

The President of Jingjin

Dear friends: Thank you for your care and support to Jingjin.For more than 20 years, Jingjin has accumulated rich filtration technologies and experience during providing services for thousands of users. We are looking forward to your participation. We appreciate your care and support and will try our best to know your thoughts and meet your needs.Your advice and even criticisms will be our most precious fortune.Following them, we will strive to satisfy every customer! Your smile is our commitment! Jingjin is your best friend forever!

Our Team

Foreign trade general manager, 18 years professional foreign trade experience. Lead team export filter press to 130+ countries.

Lu Yi

Vice President, Jingjin Group

15years professional experience in Filter press sales & service. Specialist grade.? Successfully completed? many big projects especially in Concentrate mine, Tailings, Waste water, Chemical, Pigment, Tunnel waste water, Aggregates industry, Sand washing, Food, Pharmacy, etc.Your smile is my promise!


Sales manager, Jingjin Group

6 years export experience,Timely reply to customers to find the best solution.


Sales manager, Jingjin Group

14 years rich export experience. Dealed with many important projects, can reply to clients very quickly and professionally.


Sales manager

10 years working experience,energetic and professional,quick response.

Wendy Chen

Sales manager, Jingjin Group

we would like to provide the best quality product and the most complete service for customer from customer benefit.

Sarah Wu

Sales manager

conscientious and responsible for work, take customer as good friends. 

Zhao Yang

Sales manager, Jingjin Group

13 years working experience, supply best service and goods to all customers.

Wu Shufen

Sales manager, Jingjin Group


Sales manager

Zhang Da Wei

Sales manager, Jingjin Group