Filter Press Plate

High quality filter Press plate with wholesale price from Jing Jin

Jing Jin is top china Filter plates Manufacturer, supplier, factory.provide you with professional services, high quality and low price.

PP Filter Plate

Filter plates adopt pp material to press mould, and the design of filtration surface adopts special channel, smooth and without any blockage. Material of JINGJIN plate consists of TPE elastomer, fiber glass, and Polypropylene. So our plates have the advantage of flexibility, toughness, rigidity. After the process of the CNC machining center, the flatness of the filter plate is lower than 25µm which make sure excellent sealing when pressing, and without any leakage when feeding.

All specifications of our plates not only comply with China JB/T4333.3-2005 standard, but also comply with Germany DIN7129 standard, completely in common with the European& American products.

Compared with the filtration plates manufactured according to national standards: filtration speed improved 20%, density and intensity, anti-fatigue, anti-aging speed improved one times

The maximum feeding pressure of the filter plate is 1.6Mpa. With the properties of high temperature and high pressure resistance, antisepsis and airtight, short filtering cycle, good processing effect and low humidity of the cake.

Chamber plate

Jingjin developed various filtration plates with all kinds of specifications and shapes.

Jingjin has plates with material of cast iron, steel Q235,cast steel, stainless steel, cast copper, aluminum alloy, pp, TPE elastomer, EPDM, NBR and etc.

Max Feeding Pressure 3 Mpa.

Futures: High Temperature and high pressure resistance, excellent sealing and cake washing, anti-corrosions, short filtration period, lower cake moisture.

Membrane plate

Membrane plates bring superexcellent filtration effect and unimaginable benefits.

Solid content can be controlled by squeezing pressure.

Squeezing twice after completion of filtration can improve solid content of the cake.

Membrane plate can carry out “Low pressure for filtration, higher pressure for squeezing.” Improving life-span and reducing energy consumption.

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