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the culture of “Our Chinese Dream” will enter tens of thousands of people, and the art team of China Opera and Dance Theater will enter Jingjin Environmental Protection Co., LTD., bringing a stunning visual feast for jingjin employees.

The proposed investment project is 1.28 billion yuan, and the annual output of 20,000 sets of high-performance filtration system project will be constructed.

In 2021

jingjin Environmental Protection Inc. successfully won the right to use the state-owned construction land in Dezhou G2020-K014 parcel with 25.9 million RMB

In 2020

 it was approved as the first batch of 34 pilot units of independent evaluation of skilled personnel in Shandong Province.

In October 2019

in Hebei Province Jingxian County sun Town Cao village set up jingxian east wind filter machine plate frame factory.

Jingjin first filter plate was born.

In 1988

the company was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange with the stock name jingjin Environmental Protection (stock code 603279).

On July 29, 2019

a new product, closed low-temperature filter cake dryer, was successfully developed and launched, and produced and promoted.

June 24, Jingjin environmental protection passed the CSRC listing audit.

On July 17, Jingjin Environmental Protection successfully held “the first National Filtration and Separation Academic Exchange meeting and the third Filtration and Separation Industry Technology Collaborative Innovation Seminar” in Dezhou.

In January 2019

Jingjin held the “Gratitude for 30 years, Innovative Product Conference” and invited more than 200 suppliers to seek survival and growth.

Winner of national “Ankang Cup” competition in December.

On December 20, 2018

Jingjin held the “Gratitude for 30 years, Innovative Product Conference” and invited more than 300 customers and representatives from various associations at home and abroad to visit Jingjin for guidance.

On December 8, 2018

the diaphragm filter plate manufacturing department successfully researched and developed “single chamber feed air flow filter press” and promoted it widely.

In April, we started to produce low-voltage complete sets of equipment and successfully obtained 3C certification.

April 27, the national art troupe visited Jingjin condolence performance.

In July, the special washing filter plate for washing industry was successfully developed, saving 16.6% water consumption compared with ordinary filter plate.

Establish electrical test platform, simulate field environment, program simulation debugging in advance, provide after-sales and customer training platform.

Independently developed the successful cylinder flange torque machine, suitable for various types of cylinder in December of the same year officially put into use.

In January 2018

 Guiting, Jiang, chairman of Jingjin Environmental Protection Inc., won the gold Medal certificate and medal at the 68th Nuremberg International Invention Exhibition.

On November 11th, “Heart to heart” art troupe of All-China Federation of Trade Unions visited jingjin final assembly workshop to show condolences.

On December 9, Jingjin passed the GB/T29490 intellectual property management system.

On October 29, 2016

 Jingjin was listed on the New Third Board, the sme share transfer system.

On July 17, 2015

CCTV’s Heart to Heart Art Troupe came to Jingjin to show condolences. This performance, together with Beijing EMU workshop and Shenzhen Zhuhai-Hong Kong Bridge, presented a grand art feast for workers on May Day.

In 2014,

the company completed restructuring and changed its name to Jingjin Environmental Protection Inc., preparing for listing.

In 2013

we successfully developed environmental protection and efficient filter press, which has reached the world leading level in mining and dry drainage treatment technology.

In 2012

a post-doctoral research station was established.

Shandong Jingjin Environmental Protection Equipment Co., LTD was established in 2011.

In 2010

the sales revenue at home and abroad exceeded 1.5 billion YUAN, and the products were exported to 117 countries and regions.

In 2009

we successfully developed energy saving and efficient external water washing filter press, which is successfully applied in dye, titanium dioxide and white carbon black.

By the State Administration for Industry and Commerce identified as “China well-known trademark”.

CCTV’s “Passion Square” entered Jingjin and celebrate the 20th anniversary of jingjin Group.

In 2008

Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department awarded Jingjin Group “Shandong Province filter press Engineering technology Research Center”.

In 2007

Jingjin won the title of “China’s top 500 Machinery Enterprises”.

Won the “national standard drafter of filter press and filter plate”.

Won the “filter press category first brand”, become “China’s most influential brand”.

Jiang Guiting, chairman of the board, was named one of China’s Top ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs.

Jingjin brand filter press global annual sales first, sales exceed 800 million yuan.

Developed the first generation of intelligent suspension filter press, Germany in Frankfurt ahmar exhibition.

In 2005

the company successfully developed polypropylene high pressure diaphragm filter plate and won the national patent, breaking the monopoly situation of The Chinese market by Germany and entering the European market.

Dezhou Damei Separation Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in Dezhou Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province.

Jingjin Filter Press Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, and the next five subsidiaries (Hebei Jingjin Filter Press Co., LTD., Dezhou Damei Separation Machinery Co., LTD., Dezhou Damei Filter Cloth Co., LTD., Dezhou Jingjin Machinery Installation Co., LTD., Dezhou Jingjin Machinery Parts Co., LTD.)

170,000 euros to buy the Italian company dimei advanced filter press production technology.

The miracle that the main beam of the filter press does not bend over 10 meters is created.

In 2001

1000㎡ automatic filter press was produced.

In 2000

 the first fully automatic filter press was produced and successfully applied in Shougang.

In 1998

with tianjin a press frame manufacturer formal cooperation in the production of filter press in the same year was renamed hebei Jingjin filter press Co., LTD.

Independent production machinery automatic filter press.

In 1997

 it moved to Jingxian County, Hebei Province and changed its name to Jingjin Filter Press Factory.

Independent production of polypropylene box filter plate and plate frame filter plate.

In 1993

in Hebei Province Jingxian County sun Town Cao village set up jingxian east wind filter machine plate frame factory.

Jingjin first filter plate was born.

In 1988