Filter Cloth


I n order to achieve better filtering requirements, Jingjin introduced a complete set of German filter cloth production line. By virtue of Jingjin’s 27 years of filtering experience, the heavy German rapier looms weave the thinnest silk threads into filter cloth of high density and different hole patterns under constant temperature and humidity, with error less than 1% in air perm per square meter. What’s the most important is that monofilament filter cloth can make the filter cakes fall off automatically, which has conquered the unsolved problem ever since. So to speak, Jingjin has achieved a great dream in global pressure filter industry.

PP has a good performance in heat resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile. It is acid and alkali corrosion resistance. It is the best choice in filtrate highly acid or alkali feeding material. Because it is not easy to melt in the organic solvent, so it can also be used in filtrate solvent, paint, dye, mineral oil. The using temperature can up to 90℃.

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