Oil Filter Press Uses:

High efficiency oil filter is designed for power plants, power stations, industrial and mining enterprises substation (room) lubricating oil depot, tractor station, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, national defense industry and other units, Used to filter water and impurity in transformer oil, turbine oil, aviation hydraulic oil and other liquid oil.

Structural characteristics of the main components of the oil filter press:

The plate and frame high efficiency oil filter is a movable device composed of filter bed, filter frame, filter plate and oil pump. The sides of the filter plate and the filter frame are provided with “hanging lugs” which are supported on the supporting plate of the frame, and filter paper (or filter cloth) as filter media is lined between the filter plates and filter frames to perform filtration.

During filtration, dirty oil is distributed to each filter frame through the input channel, impurities are filtered and released on the filter plate through the filter paper, and are collected in the output channel and discharged out of the machine. The dirt is left on the surface of the filter paper, and a small amount of water in the dirty oil is absorbed by the capillary in the paper. When the filter residue on the surface of the filter paper gradually thickens and the moisture content in the filter paperincreases, the filtration resistance increases, and when it increases to a certain extent (generally 0.2-0.35MPa), the filter should be stopped, and the filter papers should be replaced.

Operating rules for oil filter press:

The reverse switch (start ← stop → start) used by the pressure oil filter is connected to the power line 3 phase, Turn on the oil inlet and outlet pipe and open the oil outlet ball valve. It is strictly prohibited to shut off the valve when starting, and the pressure will suddenly increase, so as not to damage the oil filter parts and cause personal injury!

When starting the half frame oil filter, pay attention to observe whether the motor is clockwise, the reversal will cause serious damage to the oil pump, and the oil can not enter the oil, the reverse switch (start ← stop → start) straight to another starting position.

Maintenance and operation of oil filter press:

Maintenance, Upkeep, Safety:

  1. Keep the parts of the half-frame oil filter clean to prevent debris from entering.
  2. Regularly clean the filter element in the oil filter to avoid excessive impurities blocking the filter and causing damage to the equipment.


  1. Ensure the safety of operation, the machine electrical appliances, non-professionals, shall not open the wiring at will.
  2. Start should be connected in and out of the oil hydraulic quick connector, because not connected to the hydraulic fast connector, the oil inlet and outlet is closed, the pressure will suddenly increase, so as not to damage the oil filter parts and cause personal injury danger!
  3. When the outlet pressure exceeds 0.5Mpa in operation, it must be stopped to check whether the filter paper is blocked. Change the filter paper frequently. Failure analysis and removal of plate and frame oil filter.