The body and the filter plate of diaphragm plate and frame filter press are usually made of alloy steel. The main engine system mechanically dries the sludge at a pressure of 6-8MPa during sludge dewatering. Therefore, the moisture content after sludge dewatering can be controlled below 60%. The industrial sludge with high inorganic content has a water content of less than 40%.

The sludge of the sewage treatment plant is mostly in a flowing state. The water content is usually around 99%. At this time, it is usually concentrated to about 95%. Then use filter press treatment, after different sludge press filtration dewatering treatment to form a moisture content of 40% -85% mud cake or mud. If the high moisture content of the mud cake after treatment makes it impossible to become mud cake, it is mostly mud. When the moisture content is low, the mud cake can be formed, and the lower the mud cakes, the smaller the viscosity.

Processing Process

The diaphragm plate and frame filter press adopts the secondary pressing process to further reduce the moisture content of the sludge. After the feeding process, in order to further reduce the bottom cake moisture content. The whole dewatering efficiency is improved by pressing the cake twice. After the diaphragm pressing sludge cake, the moisture content can reach about 60%. Greatly reduce the volume of sludge to achieve the purpose of sludge reduction.

When treating sludge by diaphragm pressure filtration, it is necessary to remove water and remove the quality of agricultural production system. It requires mechanical dehydration, thermal drying, and later incineration or biodegradation. The industrial sludge in addition to water and to agricultural production system quality. It is also necessary to disinfect and extract heavy metals or toxic substances from the sludge. It is to dehydrate, de-characterize agricultural production systems and de-poison.

Jingjin Plate and Frame Filter Press