what is a chamber filter press?

Do you know what a chamber filter press is, have you ever used it, do you know the field of its application and the main use in production life? Many people may not have contact with the filter press in life, but when it comes to the separation of filtrate and solid pollutants in production plants, then it is inseparable. In order to let you better understand the performance of the chamber filter press and know its importance in production life, I visited the famous domestic filter press production brand, Jingjin Filter Press Factory, let us go together to understand the product of scientific progress.

As a solid-liquid separation of machinery and equipment, filter presses are now most commonly used in industrial wastewater and waste treatment, as we all know, over the years, with the strengthening of the national monitoring of environmental pollution in factories, more and more environmental protection equipment and ideas into the mainland production plants, of which the filter press is the most widely accepted, because this device is mainly through the control of pressure, to achieve the internal flow of filtered material, to achieve the flow of the filter. The main working principle of this equipment is simple, the production technology is not complicated, and the cost is low, so it is welcomed by many people, and among the many models of filter presses, the chamber filter press is more in line with people’s ordinary life because of its form. Among the many models of filter presses, the chamber filter press has the largest share in the market because its shape is more in line with the needs of people’s ordinary life.

Now Jingjin Filter Press Co., Ltd. is the leader among many domestic filter press brands, because it has its own perfect technical support and R&D strength, even while competing with foreign brands, it can still hold a certain advantage, so the strength of the brand itself cannot be underestimated.

filter press operation

Many customers who buy chamber filter presses often lament how easy and simple the operation of the chamber filter press can be. In fact, this question must be everyone wants to know. Because who does not like a simple and easy? Now let the professional manufacturer of the chamber filter press – Jingjin filter press make a precise and reasonable answer for you.

chamber filter press
chamber filter press

In fact, the chamber filter press is just a class of filter presses, although the working principle of everyone is basically the same, but the implementation, or a little difference. So we follow the operation process of the chamber filter press to execute it correctly, it will be fine. First is the start-up procedure.

What I want to say here is that before starting the procedure, the preparatory work should be done. This preparation work is to hold the pressure of the chamber filter press, pull the filter plate and clean the filter cloth. After the preparatory work is in place, the oil supply pump can be started and the oil cylinder will work to produce the required pressure state of the chamber filter press, and then the motor will stop working. The next step is to start feeding and filtering. The key part here is to check whether the pipes are smooth. Because the feeder has to transport the solid-liquid mixture to the filter chamber for solid-liquid separation. So the pipeline must be smooth, otherwise the consequences can be unimaginable. When the filtration chamber is full, the supply of raw materials should be stopped.

Finally, after the end of filtration, the liquid is discharged, and the filter slag, which is attached to the filter plate, should be removed in time, and the filter tank should be cleaned up, so that the next work can be carried out smoothly. If the above steps are strictly followed, the whole chamber filter press will work smoothly and the operator will feel relaxed because of the normal use of the chamber filter press.