Sludge management is a critical but often overlooked aspect of wastewater treatment operations. As regulations on sludge disposal become more stringent and landfill costs continue to rise, effective sludge dewatering is more important than ever. Sludge filter press provides a reliable, low-maintenance solution for sludge dewatering prior to disposal or beneficial use. In this post, we’ll look at how sludge filter presses work, their key benefits, and where industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plant operators can find the best prices on new and used filter presses.

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How Do Sludge Filter Presses Work?

  • Sludge filter presses utilize mechanical pressure to remove water from sludge. The sludge enters the filter press and is distributed into chambers formed by alternating filter plates and frames. The plates are covered with filter cloths that retain the solids while allowing the water to pass through.
  • A filter press cycle begins with the plates in an open position. After the sludge fills the chambers, the plates slowly close together, applying pressure of up to 225 psi. This forces the water out of the sludge and through the filter cloths, leaving a dewatered filter cake that is typically 30-50% solids.
  • The filter cake is then removed from the chambers and the plates reopen to begin the next batch. Filter presses are available in either recessed chamber or membrane plate configurations. Recessed chamber filter presses tend to handle drier sludge cake, while membrane plates work better for wetter sludges.

Key Benefits of Sludge Filter Presses

Compared to other dewatering methods like centrifuges and belt filter presses, sludge filter presses offer a range of advantages:

  • Consistent, repeatable results with drier cake solids up to 50%
  • Fully enclosed system contains odors and prevents contact with sludge
  • Minimal operator attention required compared to belt presses
  • Handles a wide range of sludge types from municipal to industrial
  • Durable construction with long service life
  • Energy efficient operation with low power consumption
  • Minimal maintenance required between cycles
  • Automated controls for easy, hands-off operation

For these reasons, filter presses are one of the most widely used methods for dewatering sludge worldwide. The right filter press can significantly cut disposal costs, free up staff resources, and support regulatory compliance.

Where to Find the Best Deals on New and Used Filter Presses

If you’ve decided a filter press is right for your sludge dewatering needs, where should you look to find one at a reasonable price? Here are some options:

Buy New Direct From Manufacturer

Purchasing a new filter press direct from a leading manufacturer like Evoqua, JWI, Micronics, or Water Environment Federation provides maximum quality assurance. You can get a press engineered specifically for your application and throughput needs. While most expensive upfront, buying new gives you the latest technology and a full warranty. Be sure to get multiple quotes.

Purchase Through Dealers and Distributors

Major equipment dealers or regional distributors can offer new filter presses at a discount from list price, along with installation and support. This is a good option if you want a new press but need help staying within budget constraints. Keep in mind that dealer support levels can vary.

Buy A Refurbished Or Used Filter Press

If capital is limited, a professionally refurbished filter press offers big savings over new with minimal compromise on performance. High quality used equipment dealers source, inspect, and refurbish presses to like-new condition. Units are stripped and rebuilt with engineering upgrades. Expect a 1-year warranty and equipment savings of 40% or more versus new.

Search Classified Listings

Scouring classified ads on websites like Tradequip and FilterPress can turn up affordable previously owned filter presses from plant closures or upgrades. Be prepared to inspect equipment thoroughly and have repairs made as needed. Savings over 70% off new price are possible, but condition varies widely.