Oil Cooler

Product Description

What is an oil cooler?

An oil cooler, also known as an oil cooler, is a high-efficiency cooling device that uses the principles of a refrigeration system to reduce and control the temperature of oil in mechanical equipment. It is widely used in industrial scenarios where continuous cooling is required to ensure stable operation of equipment, such as power plants, metallurgy, cement manufacturing, precision machining, and other temperature-sensitive industrial equipment. The design of an oil cooler usually includes a precise control system to adapt to different cooling needs and ensure energy efficiency and long-term stability. In addition, we also provide customized services.

Features of an oil cooler

1. Efficient refrigeration: Using high-performance compressors and high-quality refrigerants to ensure efficient heat exchange, quickly reduce and stabilize the oil temperature, and improve equipment efficiency.
2. Accurate temperature control: Integrated imported digital controllers provide high-precision temperature control, a wide range of uses, and can accurately maintain the set oil temperature to ensure process requirements.
3. Stability and durability: Using imported high-quality oil pumps, it provides high-pressure, high-stability working performance, extends service life, and reduces maintenance costs.
4. Intelligent monitoring and protection: Equipped with a complete electrical protection system, including protection measures such as phase loss, phase error, current overload, high and low voltage, etc., to ensure safe operation. Some models also have fault alarm and self-test functions, which can be linked with the host to improve the reliability of the system.
5. Environmental adaptability: The design takes into account the requirements of different use environments and can work stably under various industrial conditions, including the application of corrosion-resistant materials to adapt to harsh working conditions.
6. Versatility: Some oil coolers also have heating functions. Through the built-in heating system, the oil can be kept at an ideal working temperature even in cold environments.

Application areas of oil coolers

1. Mechanical processing industry: In CNC lathes, milling machines, grinders, broaching machines, CNC integrated machining centers, hydraulic presses, engraving machines, and hydraulic stations and lubrication systems of small and medium-sized machinery, oil coolers are used to cool cutting fluids, lubricating oils, etc. to maintain the machining accuracy of machine tools and prevent the decrease in accuracy and equipment damage caused by excessive oil temperature.
2. Plastic mold molding industry: shorten the molding cycle of plastic products, improve surface quality and production efficiency, and accelerate the cooling and shaping process by quickly cooling the mold, thereby improving product quality and production speed.
3. Metal processing and smelting: used to cool cooling water, lubricating oil, etc. in the metal processing process to ensure the stability and safety of the metal processing process and prevent process problems caused by high temperature.
4. Chemical production: In the chemical industry, oil coolers are used to cool chemical raw materials, reaction media, and equipment lubricating oils to ensure the stability of chemical reaction conditions and improve product quality and production safety.
5. Electronic manufacturing: Electronic components generate a lot of heat during the production process. Oil coolers are used to cool electronic components and related equipment to ensure the performance stability and reliability of electronic products.

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