Jingjin Intelligent Energy Saving plunger pump

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Product Description

1, Suitable for municipal sewage, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, electroplating, petrochemical and other industries.
2, The slurry has little wear on the pump, low noise;
3, Intelligent switching of high and low hydraulic pumps;
4. Hydraulic cylinder built-in structure, no leakage of cooling water in internal circulation;
5, Feed pressure 0-2.5mpa;
6, Two ways of control which remote and local control to read the operating data of the plunger pump;
7, Strong self-priming ability (3-6 meters);
8, The pump has a safety pressure sensor, a temperature overheating protection sensor and an action overtime alarm to ensure the safe use of the pump.
9, The main body adopts sandblasting + spraying process;
10. Service life is 15 years.

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