• Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Quality
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Improved Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Low Maintenance

Product Description

Fully Automatic Filter Press-The Solution for Efficient Liquid-Solid Separation

The Fully Automatic Filter Press is a state-of-the-art machine designed to streamline the liquid-solid separation process in various industries. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly operation, this machine has revolutionized the way businesses filter their liquids and solids.

Choosing the right Fully Automatic Filter Press Machine Factory can be a daunting task, especially with the numerous options available in the market. Jingjin manufacturer will provide high-quality service for all customers!


Features of the Fully Automatic Filter Press

Automatic Filtering: Our machine is equipped with an automatic filtering system that can filter liquids and solids simultaneously.

Automatic Cake Discharge: The Fully Automatic Filter Press features an automatic discharge system.

Automatic Washing: It designed an automatic washing system that ensures the filter press is clean and ready for the next use.

Automatic Control Systems: Equipped with advanced control systems that monitor and control the filtration process.


Operation Precautions

Proper Installation: The machine should be installed on a level and stable surface.

Safety Devices: The machine should be equipped with safety devices such as emergency stop buttons.

Operator Training: Operators should be properly trained on the use and maintenance of the machine.

Material Handling: Materials should be properly handled and loaded into the machine.

Pressure Control: The machine should be operated within the recommended pressure range.

Flow Control: The flow rate of the liquid being filtered should be controlled.


About JingJin Auto Filter Press Machine

Jingjin Equipment Inc. was founded in 1988. The company is a complex environmental protection service provider of filter outfit production, filter technology overall plan solutions, and environment protection project contraction and operation.

For 20 years, Jingjin has teamed up with 400+ global governments and businesses, Jingjin filter press municipal services in 200+ production, clean water projects, and so on.

Jingjin is devoted to providing valuable products and superior services for our users. The applied industries for filter press include the chemical industry, dye, fossil oil, ceramics, pharmacy, sugar industry, food industry, starch, maltose, painting, metallurgy, and any industry for wastewater treatment.