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Jingjin vacuum filter press combines the principles of a filter press and a vacuum filtration system to achieve efficient solid-liquid separation. It often uses in applications where a high degree of separation efficiency is required, or when the slurry contains a relatively low concentration of solids. They are commonly found in industries such as mining, metallurgy, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and wastewater treatment.

Product Description

Jingjin vacuum filter press manufacturer

As a high-quality filter plate manufacturer, Jingjin provides customized filter plate services for different customers to meet more needs. Continuously innovate in technology, introduce professional talents to optimize manufacturing technology, seek the latest manufacturing management mode, and improve the overall quality of products.

In terms of service, our products are diverse, and we adopt a customized service model so that every customer can receive products that meet their needs. The filter plate is indispensable existence in the filter press, and it is important to find the product that suits you.

vacuum filter press

Technical Support

Jingjin vacuum filter press mainly uses (HHT) plates to make filtration and filter cake drying an easy step. With our automated filter press systems, solid filter cakes can be separated according to the required standards.

JIngjin’s vacuum filter press uses heated water and vacuum, coupled with unique vacuum-atmosphere control technology, the overall operation is more efficient than traditional vacuum filtration systems.

Jingjin service support

Jingjin is your trusted partner for comprehensive engineered filtration solutions. We provide end-to-end solutions, from filter media to industry-leading filtration equipment, to spare parts and accessories, to field services, and in-house laboratory services.

Whether it’s a filter press, belt filter press, leaf filter, vacuum filter, or baghouse, you can rely on Jingjin’s deep industry and application knowledge to provide the right engineered filtration solution to meet your needs.

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vacuum filter press