Agitator Tank Manufacturer

What Are Agitator Tanks?

Agitator tanks are tanks as used in industrial processes to mix liquids, gas, and solids. Tanks by agitator tank manufacturer, are as designed to keep the contents of the tank in constant motion. It allows for better homogenization of the contents. Agitator tanks are used in many different industrial processes. Meanwhile, it includes chemical manufacturing, food processing, and wastewater treatment.

Agitator Tanks Play An Important Role In The Food Industry?

Agitator tanks are commonly as used in the food industry for a variety of processes. These include homogenizing, emulsifying, and blending food ingredients, as well as mixing and suspending food particles. Additionally, agitator tanks are also used for pasteurizing and sterilizing food, and for controlling the temperature of food products. Moreover, agitator tanks are as used for fermenting and aging food products. And also It’s for storing food products in their liquid form.

Brief Of JingJin Equipment Inc.

JIngjin Equipment Inc. is leading Agitator tank manufacturer in China. We export Agitator tanks, Filter press and related equipments for over 10 years. If any oversea buyers plan to source Filter press in bulk, please contact with Agitator tank manufacturer, JingJin.

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