The filter press not only has a variety of models, but also a wide variety of filter presses. According to the current sludge treatment requirements, the more common filter press on the market is plate and frame filter press, chamber filter press and diaphragm filter press. What is the difference between the three filter presses?

To put it simply, these three kinds of filter presses belong to the plate and frame filter presses roughly. There are three forms:

  • Box filter press
  • Plate and frame filter press
  • Diaphragm filter press

As for the machine form, there are three kinds of vertical, high suspension beam and side bar. This has something to do with the way the filter board linkes to the machine.

Whether it is an automatic plate and frame filter press, a fully automatic box filter press or a high pressure diaphragm filter press, their working principle is pressure filtration. This is the constant working principle of the filter press. The essential difference between plate and frame filter press, box filter press and diaphragm filter press are in the filter plate used by the filter press.

Most of the manufacturers of the chamber filter press are intermediate feed and the filter plate is a whole filter plate. The filter plate of the plate-frame filter press composes of the filter plate and the filter frame into a plate. Diaphragm filter plate in the side of the filter plate will have an air inlet, the middle is hollow, inflated will be bulging. Plate frame and box type do not have this function, very good difference.

The difference between Plate and frame filter Press and Chamber filter Press

Only because there is a difference in the filter plate, the position of the feed port is different. There is no difference in other aspects. The filter plate of the diaphragm filter press is the same as that of the chamber filter plate, with two additional air holes.

The difference of different kinds of filter presses

  1. Different structure of filter plate

Two kinds of filter plates used in the filter chamber of the plate-frame filter press are interlaced and spliced, a solid filter plate and a border filter plate. There are two different filter plates uses in diaphragm filter press, one is solid filter plate, the other is hollow filter plate. And the filter plate uses in diaphragm filter press is double-side with diaphragm cavity.

  1. The formation of filter cavity is different.

Two solid filter plates adds to the filter cavity of the plate-frame filter press. And the diaphragm filter press composes of a solid filter plate and a hollow filter plate.

  1. Different filter cloth styles

The filter cloth of the plate-frame filter press is a square filter cloth. The shape of which is completely different from that of the previous two kinds of equipment. The diaphragm filter press adopts two filter cloth, which is connected in the middle to form a filter cloth monomer.

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