Screw presses are industrial machines used to separate liquids from solids and for briquetting materials. They utilize an Archimedes screw enclosed within a cylindrical casing to exert pressure on the feed material as it moves forward. This squeezes out liquid while compacting the solids into a continuous rod shaped extrudate.

Multi-disk screw presses enhance this process through a series of disk elements added along the screw shaft. These intermeshing disks provide an additional compression and shearing effect as material passes between them. This allows multi-disk presses to achieve much higher pressure and throughput than standard single screw extruders.


Applications Of Multi Disk Screw Presses

Some common applications for multi-disk screw presses include:

  • Sewage sludge dewatering – Extracts water from municipal wastewater solids to reduce volume for disposal.
  • Pulp and paper de-inking – Removes ink particles and contaminants from recycled paper fibers.
  • Food waste dewatering – Reduces volume of food processing residuals prior to disposal or conversion into animal feed.
  • Fermented yeast processing – Presses excess water from yeast slurry after alcohol fermentation.
  • Aquatic plant harvesting – Dewaters algae and lake weeds to reduce moisture content for further processing.
  • Oil seed extraction – Removes oil from seeds and nuts for food and biodiesel production.
  • Chemical solid-liquid separation – Isolates high value solids from manufacturing and refining processes.
  • Mineral concentrate dewatering – Removes moisture from refined ores prior to smelting or further concentration.

In each case, the high pressure and throughput of multi-disk presses lead to faster, more efficient solid-liquid separation versus single screw or filter press options.

Benefits Of Multi-Disk Screw Presses

Key advantages of multi-disk screw presses include:

  • Continuous operation – Unlike batch filter presses, the multi-disk screw provides uninterrupted pressure extrusion.
  • High throughput – Disk modules allow substantially higher processing rates than single screw presses.
  • Energy efficiency – The counter rotating screw-disk design requires less power input.
  • Low maintenance – Few moving parts reduces maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Compact design – Smaller footprint versus traditional filter presses and belt presses.
  • Easy operation – Fully automated control system regulates press speed and back pressure.
  • Low operating cost – Achieves some of the lowest cost solid-liquid separation per ton processed.
  • Simple installation – Arrives as pre-assembled module requiring basic utility connections.

Choosing a Reliable Manufacturer

When selecting a multi-disk screw press, it’s important to work with an established manufacturer with proven reliability:

  • Look for manufacturers with decades of specialized screw press design experience. They will understand the nuances and challenges of the technology.
  • Seek out manufacturers who can demonstrate successful installations of similar size/capacity presses in your industry.
  • Evaluate aftermarket support capabilities including field service, spare parts inventories, and process optimization assistance.
  • Ensure the multi disk screw press manufacturer has in-house engineering expertise for designing presses to meet non-standard requirements.
  • Consider manufacturers with global experience and installations to benefit from broad process insights.
  • Choose a financially stable press manufacturer who will be in business to honor long-term warranties and support agreements.
  • By partnering with an experienced multi-disk screw press manufacturer with domain expertise, end users can maximize press performance, uptime, and value over the full equipment lifecycle.