How long does it take to replace the filter cloth

As a filtration medium made of fiber, the service life of filter cloth is inevitable. When the filter cloth reaches the end of its service life, it should be replaced with a new one. In addition to the filter press filter cloth problems affecting the filtration effect also need to filter cloth replacement.

Reasons for replacement of filter press cloth.

  1. The filter press filter cloth broken and off-line. A faulty operation quality or improper operation can damage or disconnect the filter cloth.
  2. Filter cloth off the edge of the filter press. The edge sealing process is not done in the process of filter cloth weaving, and the pressure is given to the filter cloth in the operation of the machine, causing the filter cloth to come off the edge.
  3. The filter cloth of the filter press stretched seriously. The filter cloth is seriously stretched and deformed in a certain period of operation, which can not guarantee the tension of the filter cloth and affect the filtration effect.
  4. Clogging of the filter cloth on the filter press. The filter cloth clogged and crusted on the machine, which seriously affects the filtering precision. The filter cloth should be replaced in time, and the disassembled filter cloth should be cleaned in time.

The filter press cloth in the plate and frame filter cloth appears 1, 4 reasons need to replaced in a timely manner with a new plate and frame filter cloth.

Filter press filter cloth in addition to the above few problems need to replace the filter cloth in a timely manner, generally is to reach the service life will replace the filter cloth.

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