Filter presses are used in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, as well as water treatment facilities, to separate solid materials and sludge from liquids. Two main types of filter presses are wastewater filter presses and water filter presses.

Water Filter Press

Water filter presses are used in drinking water treatment plants and industrial processing to remove suspended solids from water. Similar to wastewater filter presses, they use mechanical pressure to separate solids from liquids.

Key features of water filter presses include:

  • Plate and frame design with filter cloths
  • Multi-deck stack configuration
  • Hydraulic pressure system
  • Produce filtrate or permeate with lower suspended solids content

Water filter presses are used to polish treated water, reduce waste stream volumes prior to further treatment, and recover process water in industrial applications. They help improve the efficiency, sustainability and economics of water treatment operations.

Wastewater Filter Press Systems

Wastewater filter presses are used to dewater sludge produced from waste treatment processes. They use mechanical pressure to squeeze water out of sludge, reducing the volume of solids that require disposal.

Key features of wastewater filter presses include:

  • Plates and Frames – The press consists of multiple filter plates alternated with filter frames. Liquid passes through the plates while solids are trapped.
  • Stack Design – Plates and frames are stacked vertically to form multi-deck filter presses. Sludge enters the bottom and filtrate exits the top.
  • Pressure System – A hydraulic press applies pressure to the plate stack, squeezing liquid from the captured sludge.
  • Filter Media – Filter cloths or textiles are used as filter media between the plates. They retain solids while allowing liquids to pass.

Wastewater filter presses produce dewatered biosolids cake with 15-30% solids content, reducing the volume that must be hauled for disposal. This lowers operating costs for wastewater treatment facilities.