A multi-disk screw press is a type of continuous mechanical press used for pressing and dewatering applications in industries. They are such as mining, chemicals, fertilizers, food processing, waste treatment and more. They consist of a cylindrical casing containing multiple rotating disks fitted with fixed disks in between. As the screw rotates, it pushes material along the axis while simultaneously squeezing moisture out.

How A Multi-Disk Screw Press Works

A multi-disk screw press from China multi disk screw press manufacturer, consists of the main cylindrical casing and an input feed hopper. Material to be dewatered is fed into the hopper and enters the screw press. Inside the cylindrical casing are multiple helical disks attached to a central shaft. The shaft rotates, causing the disks to rotate and move material along the length of the casing.

Fixed disks are as positioned in between the rotating disks. As the material moves through the rotating disks, it is squeezed in between the fixed and rotating disks, pressing out moisture and incrementally increasing the density and dryness of the material.

The pressed material and extracted moisture exit the screw press through separate outlets. The moisture exits first through drainage slots, while the dewatered material is discharged at the end of the cylindrical section.

Multi Disk Screw Press Manufacturer Gives Key Components And Operation

The key components of a multi-disk screw press are:

Stationary disks positioned in between rotating disks to squeeze and press material.

Discharge pressed material and discharged moisture separately.

Drives the rotation of disks and movement of material.

Attached to the central shaft and rotate to move material along the length of the press.

Feeds material into the press for processing.