Whether you have a shimmed filter press cloth, a shimless one or a plate and frame (draped cloth), Jingjin regularly manufactures replacement cloths for any filter press.
Filter press cloths are available in a variety of materials, from standard Oxford cloth to quick release monofilament. The most commonly used fabric is polypropylene. However, polyester can also be used.
For gasketless cloths, we can provide latex edging that provides a better seal and therefore less leakage while the press is running.
We have the ability to manufacture replacement cloths for all filter press and plate manufacturers. To determine which plate is used in your filter press, simply download the filter press drawing and submit the requested dimensions. Our staff can then determine which pattern meets your requirements.
A variety of materials are available, from standard Oxford cloth to quick release single compound wire. We can also provide latex edging to better seal the gasketless filter cloth.

  1. Embedded Gasket Cloths
  2. Gasketless cloth
  3. Sheet and Frame Cloths

We specialize in replacing the following products
Filter Press Cloths.
ACS, Met-Chem, Shriver, JWI, Parkson, Sperry and Lanco.