Jingjin offers many services to help you reduce costs and make your water and wastewater equipment run more efficiently.

Keeping your filter cloth in good condition on the filter press is the key to running at peak efficiency. We know that changing filter presses and gaskets is one of the scariest jobs, so let’s help. We have an area entirely dedicated to filter cloth installation, using the latest automation technology to increase efficiency. When it comes to fast, quality workmanship, our factory-trained installers are second to none. In addition to this, we also offer pick-up and delivery services. We supply all the materials required and provide a fast turnaround time.

Our professionals will help ensure you don’t waste time with torn fabrics or leaking filter presses. Instead of spending valuable time struggling with filter cloth and gasket changes, we allow you to let your employees do the jobs they are trained to do.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us.