Screw conveyors and multi disk screw presses utilize a rotating helical screw inside a cylindrical trough to convey, mix or compress materials. They offer efficient and gentle handling of bulk solids and pastes in a variety of industrial applications. While screw conveyors mainly transport materials, screw presses can also dewater, compress and mix different types of pastes, sludges and granular materials. Both systems are widely used in various industrial sectors for efficient material handling.

China Screw conveyor

Simply Know About Screw Conveyor

A screw conveyor consists of a horizontal or inclined cylindrical trough containing a rotating helical screw blade. As the screw turns, it conveys material loaded at one end of the trough toward the discharge end in a continuous process.

Screw conveyors are used to:

  • Transport bulk materials over long or high distances
  • Mix and blend dry or pasty materials as they are conveyed
  • Dose materials into downstream processes at a controlled rate

They are useful for handling materials that are prone to bridging, such as powders, flakes, granules and pastes. The rotating screw keeps the material moving continuously without obstruction.

Screw conveyors are made of materials like mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The screw blades can have different pitches to control the conveyance rate.

Some applications of screw conveyors are:

  • Mining – Transporting coal, ore and minerals.
  • Cement – Conveying raw materials and finished product.
  • Food – Conveying grains, flours, sugar and spices.
  • Chemicals – Transporting granular and powdered chemicals.
  • Waste treatment – Handling sludge and other waste materials.

How Much You Know About Multi Disk Screw Press?

A multi disk screw press consists of a horizontal cylindrical housing containing multiple disk segments fitted with radial flighting. As the central shaft rotates, it forms a continuous helical compression channel.

Screw presses are used to:

  • Extract liquids from pastes and slurries
  • Compact and densify materials
  • Mix and blend dry or wet materials

They consist of multiple (usually 3 to 6) compression zones separated by disk segments. Material enters the first zone and is compressed as it moves through the successive zones.

Some applications of screw presses are:

  • Dewatering of sludges in wastewater treatment
  • Compression of pre-reacted ceramic compounds
  • Compacting of crushed materials prior to pelletization
  • Kneading and dispersing of pigments and chemicals
  • Extraction of juices from fruit pulps

Both China screw conveyor and multi disk screw presses utilize a rotating helical screw to convey or compress materials. However, screw presses provide higher pressure and throughput due to their multi-zone configuration. The selection depends on the specific material handling requirements.