Filter plate presses are commonly used for sludge dewatering in wastewater treatment plants. They employ a series of filter plates to squeeze water out of the sludge, reducing volume and weight prior to further treatment or disposal.

Automatic filter plate presses use programmable logic controllers to operate components and monitor process parameters. They offer advantages over manual filter presses like improved efficiency, consistency and reduced operator requirements.

plate and frame filter press

How Filter Plate Presses Work?

A filter plate press consists of filter plates stacked alternately with spacing and separator plates. The plates form chambers where the sludge flows in and accumulates.

As the plates are pressed together, the sludge is squeezed and water passes through the filter media on the filter plates. The filter plates can use different media like cloth, paper or textiles.

After a set pressure and time period, the plates reopen and the dewatered cake discharges. Fresh sludge then fills the chambers and the cycle repeats continuously.

The automatic plate press controls and adjusts filter plate movement, positioning, cycles and pressures according to a programmed process recipe.

Features of Automatic Filter Plate Presses

  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) to automate operation and collect data
  • Feed pumps and hoppers for controlled sludge dosing into press chambers
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic plate actuators to apply consistent press forces
  • Adjustable press times and pressures to optimize dewatering for different sludges
  • Interchangeable filter plates in various media to suit application requirements
  • Quick-release plate locks for rapid plate removal and maintenance

Benefits of Automatic Filter Plate Presses

  • Produce consistent sludge cake solids content up to 30-35%
  • Provide full automation and long unattended operation
  • Adjust filter plate sequences to improve washing and rinsing
  • Respond automatically to changing process conditions
  • Reduce labor costs through minimized operator intervention
  • Enable remote monitoring and control via networking

Filter Plate Press Manufacturers in China

China has become a major hub for filter plate press production with many reputable manufacturers. These Chinese filter press factories offer:

  • Wide range of models – Chinese suppliers provide both small lab units and large industrial plate presses.
  • Tailor-made designs – Chinese manufacturers can customize parameters, layouts and configurations according to customer needs.
  • Rigorous testing – Quality Chinese filter press producers conduct stringent function and performance tests before delivery.
  • Affordable pricing – Due to lower production costs and economy of scale, filter presses from China tend to offer good value for money.
  • Fast delivery – With efficient supply chains and transportation networks in China, most filter press orders take 2-4 weeks for fulfillment.
  • Aftersale services – Leading Chinese filter press manufacturers provide installation assistance, spare parts supply, technical support, etc.