A multi disk screw press contains a segmented screw shaft made up of thick disks coupled by thin flexible disks. This shaft sits within a perforated cylindrical cage. As the segmented screw rotates, material enters one end and progresses down the cage while being compressed. The flexible disks compensate for differences in local pressures allowing uniform compacting. Multi disk construction enables higher pressures and throughput than single shaft screw presses.


Design Configurations

Multi disk screw presses come in two main design configurations:

  • Single Screw – Contains one segmented screw shaft surrounded by a perforated cage. Cage gaps allow liquid extraction.
  • Twin Screw – Utilizes two parallel intermeshing screw shafts for higher capacity pressing.

The thickness and spacing of disks provides customization for required pressures and capacities. Both electric and hydraulic motors can drive the screws. Cooling systems may be integrated for heat sensitive materials.

Benefits of Multi Disk Presses

Key benefits offered by multi disk screw presses include:

  • Achieves high pressing pressures up to 300 bar
  • Flexible disks compensate for uneven pressures
  • Handles higher throughputs than single shaft designs
  • Perforated cage enables liquid extraction during compression
  • Range of custom disk configurations match required loads
  • Ideal for dewatering, pressing, or extracting liquids
  • Continuous operation with automated feed and discharge
  • Enclosed pressing minimizes environmental emissions
  • Low maintenance and rugged construction
  • Variety of screw drive options including electric and hydraulic
  • Compact footprint minimizing required floorspace

Typical Applications

Common application areas for China multi disk screw presses include:

  • Dewatering sewage sludge, silage, and biomass materials
  • Pressing oilseeds like sunflowers, canola, cottonseed and flaxseed
  • Juice extraction from fruits and berries
  • Compacting wood chips and agricultural by-products
  • Processing food waste and distillery grains into animal feeds
  • Compressing paper pulp or textile fibers for recycling
  • Briquetting metal powders and borings into reuseable scrap
  • Compacting waste materials for easier disposal or incineration

Multi disk screw presses enable high pressure throughput pressing across diverse materials. Their segmented screw design ensures uniform compacting while maximizing extraction efficiency. When high pressures and volumes are needed, multi disk configurations should be considered.